Going to church will make you poor reason why Christians are broke – Prophet Macho 1

Prophet Ebenezer Dabedwa Bossman of the Ebenezer Trumpet Ministry at Esaase near Ashanti Akropong has indicated the rationale behind the poor financial lives of most Christians.

According to the above-mentioned man of God, who is well-known as Prophet Macho 1, being present at church on a regular basis will make you a poor reason why Christians are broke.

In an interview with SayIt Tv hosted by Ruthy, the infamous man of God mentioned that sacrifices need to be made and money is more spiritual, which only comes to the wise and not the stupid.

According to Prophet Macho 1, a bunch of churchgoers don’t have financial wisdom, and the angel who is in charge of money doesn’t care about one’s church attendance to bless him or her.

He, therefore, argued that if one doesn’t work his or her way out to perform some sacrifices, one can be present at church in his or her entire life but will always beg people for common chop money!

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