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Girl Reveals Shocking Details After Burning Her Father Alive

An Egyptian girl, no more than 15 years old, k¡lled her father by burning him alive in their home in Atfih Center, south of Giza.

The girl revealed the details of the incident after she was arr£sted and placed in a social care home because she was a juvenile.

The child told the investigation authorities the details of the incident, saying: “My father used to smoke and always quarrels with my mother, so I thought of getting rid of him.”

She also added that she opened the gas tube, and as soon as he lit a cigarette, the cylinder exploded and caught fire in his body. He was taken to the hospital, where he breathed his last, according to local media.

The girl also recounted that she committed the crime because her father expelled her mother from the house, following disputes that arose between them.

She said he used to buy and not spend on household items and assaulted them, often beating them.

The Public Prosecution continues to investigate the child, whose statements were contradictory during the investigations, to finally confess to having committed the heinous crime.


-Gulf Today-



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