Girl caught peddling indecent videos at school

AUTHORITIES in Kwekwe District are investigating a case in which a girl at Mbizo High School was found in possession of a mobile phone packed with p0rn0gr@phic material which she spread to other students.

Chairperson of the Kwekwe District Child Protection Committee (CPC), Mr Reason Machina confirmed the incident saying the committee was seized with the matter.

“We are investigating a case in which a Mbizo High learner was caught with a mobile phone which contained p0rn0gr@phic material which she distributed among other learners, especially female learners. The matter is still under investigation and all our relevant authorities like police, social development and Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education are now leading the investigation,” he said.

The matter comes at a time when the country is battling to counter s£xu@l offenses among the younger generation mainly owing to drvg and substance abuse among other ills.

Authorities have since raised a reg flag saying such developments coupled with the drvg and substance abuse, are fueling bu/lying and s£xu@l abuse cases among the girl child.


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