Funny Video Shows Moment a Groom Refused to Rock His Bride as They Danced, Gives Her Space

A lady has taken to social media to share a funny incident that went down at her sister’s wedding.

The lady identified on TikTok as @nesto_kyle uploaded a clip showing the bride having a dance time with the groom.While the bride backed the groom as they danced, he unexplainably refused to rock her behind and resorted to only holding her waist.

Nevertheless, guests watched and cheered the couple as they danced. While congratulating her sister on the union, the lady joked that her sister’s man was a “reverend minister” because of how he danced.

She, however, explained in the comment section that the dance step has a name.

She said:

“This dance is called journey to the west.”

Watch the video below:

The olive said:

“I remember my oo they like waist.”

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