Form 3 girl commits suicide by taking poison after her bedroom pictures with a married boyfriend leak

A Form 3 Lord Malvern High School student allegedly committed suic!de on Tuesday after nude pictures of her, with a married man, were leaked.


Vanessa Chirimhanzi (17) was reported to have downed rat poison after she fought with a classmate only identified as Loveness.

Loveness is believed to have leaked Vanessa’s nude pictures, with a married man, to the class’ WhatsApp group.

Vanessa and Loveness fought over the issue and the matter was taken to the school headmaster.

The two were punished, but Vanessa was subjected to daily verbal abuse at the school after that.

She is said to, have downed poison and was rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital where she passed away.

Vanessa’s father, Cosmas Mutanhu, confirmed her d£ath, saying the case was being investigated by the police.

“Yes, my daughter di£d after taking poison,” said Mutanhu.

“We cannot comment further since the case is now being handled by the police,” he said.

Sources told H-Metro that Vanessa went to school with extra clothes on the day she was taken out by her married lover.

“Vanessa was picked up on a Friday by her married lover.

“Loveness came across the nude pictures when Vanessa left her with her mobile phone, and she leaked them.

“Vanessa was shocked to be shown the pictures circulating in the class group and confronted Loveness since she was the only one who accessed her phone.

“The two fought and were ordered to spend the day digging and watering a garden at the school as part of their punishment,” said the source. H metro

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