Female Bulawayo cops rescue Cowdray Park triplets

FEMALE police officers from Bulawayo province have come to the rescue of Cowdray Park’s triplets after they donated groceries and clothes worth thousands of dollars in response to an appeal for help by their mother.


Chronicle recently published a story in which Ms Prisca Dale (30) of Cowdray Park suburb narrated how her boyfriend ditched her soon after she gave birth to a set of triplets at Mpilo Central Hospital.


She christened the triplets who are all girls; Siyanda, Simelokuhle, and Siyabonga.


Ms Dale is not employed and is now struggling to breastfeed the babies who were born prematurely.


The babies are now eight months old and desperately need supplementary feeding. Touched by her plight, female police officers from Bulawayo mobilised themselves and contributed resources to bail out Dale. Among the items donated were food stuffs, soap, diapers, and clothes, bathing dishes, among others, which were recently handed over to the family.


Speaking on behalf of police officers soon after delivering the donation, deputy Bulawayo police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele, said as Bulawayo female officers they used their network to mobilise support for the less privileged family.


“As policewomen networking, we came together as a province when we heard that Prisca Dale was blessed with triplets. As women police officers we are concerned and touched by her plight and what is happening to other women in the communities,” she said.


“To care for triplets is not an easy job, the expenses and the tasks involved such as washing all the time are not easy because when their mother is doing anything it’s for three people.


“However, as police officers who are women, we understand better the needs for the kids and the mother also because she is doing a triple job all the time.”


Asst Insp Msebele said children were a blessing to the family and the nation hence their act of kindness was inspired by the need to help and getting an opportunity to come and spend time with Prisca and the triplets to render moral support.


“We want these triplets to be safeguarded always because they are a blessing to all of us as Bulawayo province community.


“I urge members of the community to emulate this and carry on the legacy always with the spirit of ubuntu,” she said.


“As police officers, we are seeing future police officers from these kids, they have to be catered for and safeguarded jealously.”


Holding back tears of gratitude, the mother of the triplets expressed joy over the support from the female police officers.


“I am shedding tears of joy as I have run short of words. I am very grateful about what the female police officers have done for me,” she said.


“I can see that I am not alone in this journey to raise these triplets but the whole community of Bulawayo is with me. Everyone here present feels appreciated. May the Almighty God bless you all for what you did as police officers.”


Presenting the goods, Superintendent Nyalani Nyoni said the police force delights in working closely with communities.


“On behalf of Bulawayo women police networking in the province, I am handing this donation to you as we are grateful for the birth of these triplets. May God bless them to become police officers in the future,” she said.


The mother of four earlier said her boyfriend disappeared soon after he got the news that she had given birth to triplets and the information she has is that he went to South Africa and has since married another woman.


Ms Dale said even the relatives of her boyfriend were not willing to assist her hence she appealed to members of the public for support.


Ms Dale stays with her father who is a pensioner and is also struggling to raise money to meet basics. Chronicle


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