Famous South African Socialite Cyan Boujee’s S€xtape Leaks

Rising DJ and influencer Honour Zuma, renowned on social media as Cyan Boujee, is the subject of a disturbing viral video that recently surfaced online, where a woman resembling her was filmed in a heated ‘sensual’ exchange.

However, information reaching us at this time suggests Cyan was recently engaged in an adult activity with an unknown male, who may have leaked what was meant to be an intimate memento between two lovers, to the public.

Of course, social media trolls immediately turned up the viral spread of the explicit video, which may have been published without the consent of Cyan Boujee.

The DJ, who may be recovering from a wild night out in Soshanguve, had not responded to the viral video when this article was published.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, we will not share the video on our platform and encourage anyone in possession of the explicit material to stop spreading it around.

Here are five reasons why online users should refrain from sharing adult material without the subject’s consent:

Respect for Privacy and Consent: Sharing adult material without consent is a violation of an individual’s right to privacy and personal agency. Consent is crucial in any form of intimate content sharing, as it ensures that all parties involved are comfortable and willing participants.

Potential Emotional Harm: Sharing explicit content without consent can lead to emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation for the subjects involved. Once shared online, such material can be difficult to remove, causing long-lasting negative consequences for the individuals depicted.

Legal Implications: Sharing explicit content without consent could lead to legal repercussions, including charges of revenge porn, harassment, or violation of privacy laws. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but many places have recognised the need to protect individuals from the non-consensual distribution of intimate material.

Impact on Relationships and Careers: Unauthorised sharing of adult material can severely damage personal relationships, including friendships, romantic partnerships, and family ties. Moreover, it can have detrimental effects on individuals’ professional lives, potentially leading to job loss or damaged reputations.

Spread of Cyberbullying and Exploitation: Non-consensual sharing of explicit content often leads to cyberbullying, harassment, and exploitation. It can encourage a culture of online abuse and contribute to a harmful online environment that targets and victimizes individuals.

Cyan Boujee, a 22-year-old socialite, has been in the spotlight over incidents of violence and rampant cyberbullying since she first broke out into social media stardom when she was still in high school, and underage, might we add.

In July 2022, Cyan was the subject of an abuse scandal, after images and videos, which have since been deleted, surfaced online, providing substance to allegations she was, on several occasions, physically abused by her former partner, who is a renowned Nigerian artist.

Two months before that, Cyan Boujee was at the centre of backlash after it was alleged she had faked a pregnancy to extort a vehicle from a well-known businessman.

In a statement released at the time, the influencer categorically denied this claim, making it clear that she was, in fact, pregnant with her former partner’s baby but suffered a miscarriage.

“Me and my baby daddy did have a baby planned and we did get pregnant but unfortunately, we lost our baby earlier this year. i have not been with any other person that was claimed to be my baby daddy at all. And I have not been pregnant before that. I have also not threatened anyone for any amount of money,” she wrote at the time.

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