Family Of 7 Escapes D£ath By A Whisker After Gas Explosion Burns House

A FAMILY of seven cheated d€ath after a part of their house in Cowdray Park was razed by a fire following a gas explosion.

Ms Qoko Sibanda the mother , the father Mr Isiah Ranga and one of their children an 18-year-old Mr Hendry Ranga boy were badly burnt and have been admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital.

Four of the remaining family members including a four-month year old baby escaped from the burning house unharmed.

The tragedy befell the family last Monday at around 5AM as Ms Sibanda was preparing to go to the market to buy vegetables.

Ms Priviledge Ranga the second born to the couple said she and her three siblings were sleeping in the spare bedroom while their brother had slept on the sofa at the sitting room when they were woken up by a loud bang.

“That is when we woke up and saw the kitchen was burning. My brother, mother and father were screaming from while engulfed by flames. Fortunately, neighbors were quick to come and help us evacuate from the house while some went inside the room to get my parents and siblings out. One of our neighbors is the one who rushed them to the hospital as the ambulance was taking long to arrive,” she said.

Ms Ranga said they are not yet sure what could have caused the gas to explode but are assuming it had been leaking the whole night so when their mother switched it on it immediately exploded.

She said they are still shocked and hoping their family members will recover from the incident while at the hospital.

Mrs Olly Moyo, a sister to Ms Qoko Sibanda said they need urgent help with a few things like bandages as those who are admitted at hospital need to use more than 15 bandages a day.

“We have resorted to washing the bandages so that we can replace them as we do not have the money to buy them every day. The state my sister and her child are in really pains me because l don’t know if they will even get better. Right now, we hope God will intervene. As it is we do not have enough money to even buy some of the medication,” she said.

Mrs Moyo said any help that they can get will be appreciated as they are at a point of taking anything.

The family can be contacted on

0772 657 521

0785 623 666



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