Eureka Album Review

The year started off on a good yet controversial page with one of the most celebrated artist in Zimbabwe Winky D dropping a new album titled Uereka.

The night of 31 December was all noisy with Seh Calaz releasing his album also dubbed Reggae Dzinorira.

Following a packed night at the HICC which featured artists like Nutty I, Enzo Ishal, Saintfloew and many others, The new year started very calmly with all of Winky D’s fans expecting an album which never came.

After a long day the Gaffa decided to ten his fans on a 10 day journey just like what churches do in the first 10 days of each year as they fast and pray.The first track to come was Ibotso which featured the inform hip hop star Holy Ten.

In Zimbabwean culture, “Kutanda botso” means wandering and scavenging due to some spiritual connotations in relation to physical acts that were done which were inappropriate.

If you look closely at the song Winky D is direct on his message, he says Zimbabweans are wanderers because there are certain people who are misusing what belongs to the public and makes it their own, Holy Ten however comes in a neutral verse talking about the girl child a point to note in this collaboration is simply there is no colleration between their verses.


The song sparked controversy but hell broke lose on the morning of 2 January when Winky D released Dzimba Dzemabwe featuring Shingai who is best in the UK.

When I first listened to it I was like yoo this is getting real, dating to back when I was still at Chinhoyi University Winky released song like Gaffa muParliament but this one had a certain uniqueness.In this he mentioned that Zimbabwe is underperforming as we used to be the bread basket of Africa but now we are just a stalk on the shelf.

He mentioned many other things using the word, “Usadaro”, a gheto slang which is interpreted as “but why”.

There was uproar on social media with Zanu Pf officials condemning the album and accusing Winky D of being a political activist.

More drama followed when Holy Ten issued a tweet which said that he regretted his decision to feature on this album, a tweet which divided many of His followers as they blamed politicians for trying to take away from the artists because of their influence.

This did not stop Winky D, he went on to his Chauruka featuring Tocky Vibes. Chauruka is a common name among Zimbabweans dating from the famous Shona novel, “Kutonhodzwa kwaChauruka”, which talks about a famous traditional healer who had troubled many people and in the end he was calmed down.

Politicians like CCC president Nelson Chamisa, Hon Mliswa, and Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono praised the album mentioning that Winky D is the mouth piece of the people.


In all this drama the Gaffa remained silent but continued to release all his song day after another.EEG which claims to be an independent group issued a press conference warning Winky D and threatened to ban his music and his performances.

On the other hand Minister Machakaire warned artists and said that it was worth looking into the songs and make sure that there is no undermining of the government.

Chillspot DJ Fantan shared his perspective rebuking Winky D and accused him of using youngsters and dragging them into his politically funded project. Fantan came under fire from all Winky D’s fans and has since remained quiet.

In conclusion Eureka is a great piece of art, it talks about real issues affecting the ordinary Zimbabwean. There are songs of happiness and sadness for a example Nherera featuring Mwenje Mathole. Winky D struck a balance in his art and there is more to take from it. There is nothing political about addressing corruption or violence in a community. This issue goes back to how the opposition tries to take chants from Winky D’s songs for example Jecha in the previous election.  You can tell that there is a stereotype on the artist and this emanates from these political spheres. As a Zimbabwean listening to this album I could say this is a great piece and deserves all ears.

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