Enzo Ishall’s Wife Sparks Pregnancy Rumours After Fans Spot ‘Baby Bump’

A fresh round of pregnancy rumours in relation to Zimdancehall singer Enzol Ishall’s fiance, Melissa Mafadzwa has begun to circulate.

The 21-year-old has sparked baby speculation following her posts in Iine with today’s birthday celebrations.

The rumours began when fans saw her photos, with some pictures showing her covering the ‘bump’ with her hands keeping the gossip mill spinning.

She wore a floor-length, black glittering dress covering most of her body except for one thigh.

“Happy birthday and congratulations”, wrote one fan.

“She is so pregnant”, wrote another.

“Why she looks like she pregnant?” added another.

However, there is no evidence to back up the claim at the moment.

For the Record, last year, Enzol Ishall engaged his wife on her birthday making it memorable for her.

Will pregnancy rumours from her fans make this one memorable too?

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