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Electricity Minister’s role will be like a project manager-Mantashe

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe says the new Electricity Minister’s role will be like a project manager.

Ramaphosa announced last week that he would appoint an Electricity Minister who will be located in the office of the President. The President said the appointment is in response to dealing with the energy crisis which has been declared a National State of Disaster.

“Many people ask what this appointment means, and we characterize it as an approach that can be defined as a project management approach in dealing with the crisis. Some people in the media say when we characterise it as a project management approach, we are reducing this ministry and its authority. I think something call school will help them understand project management not as being reductionist. All it is, it is emphasising urgency of an institution and delivery of the project on time,” Mantashe explains.

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