Drama In Latest DNA Show Episode: Video

The DNA show continues to keep many entertainment with the reality of life. In the latest episode drama unfolded as the lady got heated at the end following presentation of the DNA results.

She dismissed the results claiming that there were fraudulent activities in the results and the process was flawed. The alleged father was not found as the father and the probability of partenity was found to be 0%

She insisted that this is the only man she knew and there was not any other man she could think of who could have given her this child.

Tinashe Mugabe tried to help her by calming her down and making sure that she could receive help on the future findings, That’s not it she said as she walks away insulting the host for not doing a proper job.

The show continues to expose a lot of hidden secrets in families and teachourous women are being exposed for who they are.

Watch video below


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