Drama As Lady Collapses After Touching Water at Beach, Video Stirs Reactions

There was pandemonium at a beach after a lady reportedly made physical contact with water.

The young woman was spotted in the video being carried out of the water by some kindhearted citizens to a dry place.

According to the man who filmed the scene, the lady began to act strange after arriving at the beach and making contact with water.

The caption on the video read:      “Immediately water touch her, she freeze. Mermaid wahala.”

Social media reactions  @temitopeoluwadamilola said:

“I saw her that very day, no be small thing oooo.”

@cray_zee4kt commented:

“Una no get Kodack cord with that black thing for the ending?”

@mamiyo2 commented:

“Beach is not for everyone, most people don’t know they are from the marine world (omo omi).”

@aloy_arik said:

“Is very important you discover yourself and when you do. You will be glad is not ur fault that you are born powerful as a mariner.”

@olluwadhammylorlah stated:

“Una no get bathroom slippers around? keh fi fun werey ni ifoti oloyii. Omo omi koo omo Odo nii.”

@thomasesther3 added:

“You guys should take her back to the water n hold her in for like 3 – 5 minutes she will calm down but don’t leave her alone in it.”

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