Drake’s New Diamond Necklace That Commemorates The 42 Times He Almost Got Engaged

The infinity stones don’t even come close.  Canadian rapper Drake has the best life on earth. He does not shy away from splashing millions of dollars, even on the silliest things.

The God’s Plan hitmaker is currently trending on the internet after getting himself a glistening new luxurious necklace named “Previous Engagement”.

In a video shared on Twitter by Daily Loud, the chain is seen enclosed case inscribed “Made For Drake.”

The necklace inside the case is an expertly-cut luxury piece with many squares, round and oval, shiny diamond stones strapped together.

The chain was designed and made by Alex Moss in collaboration with Drake.Alex Moss made the necklace for Drake, and it has 42 diamond rings to commemorate the 42 times Drake almost proposed and got engaged to various women but then decided not to.

Posting on Instagram, Alex Moss said:  “New piece titled “Previous Engagements” for all the times he thought about it but never did it.

42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.

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