Drake places bet on Argentina winning World Cup

Drake has proven himself to be a betting man, as he’s joined fellow football fans by placing bets on the World Cup.

Now, the Hotline Bling singer’s home team of Canada has already crashed out of the Qatar tournament this year.

So, the 36-year-old, needs another team to back, and seems to be predicting Argentina to go the distance.

A video shows Drake and a pal discussing World Cup bets and who each of them wants to place their money on.

‘World Cup, who do you have in the World Cup?’, the musician asked.

His friend then replied with France, to which Drake continued: ‘I got Jamaica. They’re still in, right?’

When his friend let out a laugh, Drake told his team off camera to set up a poll to see who fans sided with.

‘I’ll take Argentina, he’ll take France,’ Drake said. ‘We’ll make that happen, that’ll be a vibe.’

However, not everyone is happy with Drake supporting their team, as plenty in the comments claimed Argentina is now doomed with the ‘Drake Curse.’

The singer has also placed a bet on Jamaica (Picture: TikTok)
Drake's friend
The Canadian singer and a friend exchanged bets, with his pal supporting France (Picture: TikTok)

‘My full salary on France tmrw [sic]’, commented one.

‘Messi cursed for rest of the season’, wrote another.

For some background, the Drake Curse has been around for a while, and it basically refers to how, when Drake has shown his support for sporting teams in the past… they have lost.

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