Divorce Party Goes Wrong For A Woman After Lighting Her Wedding Dress On Fire

Oh what a glorious day! This woman was celebrating the ending of her marriage to who we assume was probably her pain in the butt husband when things went wrong for her.


This woman took a different kind of plunge during a divorce party when she was lighting her wedding dress on fire. As the dress starts to go up in flames the woman takes a big step back, but must have forgotten about the giant in-ground pool in her yard…she fell in fully clothed!


What makes this video so much more epic is the difficulty she had trying to get back out of the pool and requiring assistance from a few of the divorce party attendees. Then just lay there on the side of the pool.


It almost looks like the flames of the wedding dress were so disappointed in the woman falling in that even they started to fizzle out.

Celebrity Breakups and Divorces of 2023

2023 has seen a lot of celebrity deaths — and deaths in love due to breakups. Some couples have called it quits after years of being together. New relationships formed that looked as though they were meant for each other.


We’ve all wished for some relationships to have stayed together, despite not knowing what goes on behind closed doors. Celebrities are a prime example of not knowing what they are like in real life versus the facade of a perfect relationship they put out there.


Sometimes, fans are more upset than the celebrities who are going through the breakup! When Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn called it quits after 5 years together and a rumored secret marriage, fans professed they gave up on love entirely. Others used the breakups as a way to bash celebrities. Ariana Grande’s divorce announcement to Dalton Gomez caused viral videos of her alleged years of cheating on partners. As for the couples who share children together, our hearts broke for the ones we thought were happily ever afters. Agencies

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