Designer Crocs Pressure Working Overtime On Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe has not stayed largely insulated from treating the crocs fashion fever as they have become a recognizable trend, if you randomly throw a stone in town you will definitely hit someone wearing crocs.

According to locals, the surge in wearing knock off designer crocs has without age segregation taken over for reasons like wanting to fit in, professional dress code and with some considering them as favourable for the rainy season.

Since then, it is as everyone decided en masse to similarily update their shoe rack with the purchase of the trendy designer crocs which have found their way to street stalls and formal clothing shops.

To this day, you won’t struggle to find fashion hustlers hawking the crocs around the Harare CBD.

To some making an effort to be closer to originality, buying the fancy crocs at a high price, citing reasons for avalanche of fakery, to the majority just treating the crocs buying impulse at an affordable price.

In the end, everyone has been drawn back to the idea of at least owning one.

Another undeniable cause is how ubiquitous the crocs came to be among musicians and celebrities. Such visibility turned the crocs to be the new pair in town.

Of course, not everyone is charmed. Some oppose the idea of wearing the resembling crocodile snout shoes with Zimbabweans throwing shade as usual.

“Mwari haambokupa musikana anopfeka ma crocs usina chawamutadzira,” remarked one viral tweet.

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