Dark Secrets Unveiled: Shocking Details of How Diddy Forced Cassie to Have Tlof Tlof With Other Men in ‘Freak Offs’

Details on how United States rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, forced his then-girlfriend Casandra “Cassie” Ventura to have tlof tlof with male s.ex workers in what he called Freak Offs.


Diddy and Cassie settled the legal case one day after she accused him of rape and s.ex trafficking.


Settlement Reached Amid Allegations

The agreement was announced on Friday, although specific details were not disclosed.


In a joint statement, both Diddy and Cassie expressed their commitment to resolving the matter amicably, with Cassie mentioning that she chose terms that allowed her some level of control over the situation. The lawsuit, filed by Cassie on Thursday, detailed her allegations of a decade-long cycle of abuse and violence during her relationship with Diddy, who also goes by the stage name Puff Daddy.


Diddy denied the allegations, accusing Cassie of attempting to extort him.



Cassie Unveils the Disturbing Details Of Diddy’s ‘Freak Offs’

Despite the settlement, some details from the initial filing have emerged, shedding light on how Diddy forced Cassie to have tlof tlof in what he referred to as Freak Offs (FOs).


In her initial filing, Cassie accused Diddy of instructing her to use websites to search for males with huge schlongs. She alleged that Diddy would have the male s.ex workers come to his house or they would fly abroad.


Ms. Ventura was eventually instructed to use websites and escort services to find male sex workers to participate the FOs. Mr. Combs told Ms. Ventura to search for “large black d***s on the website.


Sometimes, Mr. Combs would pay to fly male sex workers to his location, including to multiple cities in the United States as well as abroad. He required Ms. Ventura and his staff to help him make these arrangements.



Mr. Combs’s assistants would help to set up the FOs, including by setting up the hotel suites with baby oil and Astroglide.


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Behind Closed Doors: Cassie’s Disturbing Experience Revealed

She further alleged that Diddy supplied her and the male s.ex workers with various drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and alcohol, leading to a state of disassociation during the FOs.


The filing detailed how Diddy would film Cassie having tlof tlof, directing her actions and instructing her on how to interact with the male s.ex workers. Cassie stated that Diddy insisted on specific details, such as her wearing lingerie, white nail polish, and pouring excessive amounts of oil over herself during the FOs. Part of the filing reads:


Mr. Combs always supplied Ms. Ventura (and the sex worker) with copious amounts of drugs before and during the FOs. Ms. Ventura was given ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and alcohol in excessive amounts during FOs, which allowed her to disassociate during these horrific encounters. It became common place to get IV fluids in the days after an FO to recover from the excessive substances pushed upon her.


Ms. Ventura was required to dress up in lingerie for an FO, and Mr. Combs insisted she wear white nail polish to contrast her nails with the skin of the Black men he hired to have sex with her.

During the FO, Mr. Combs would instruct Ms. Ventura to pour excessive amounts of oil over herself.


Mr. Combs would then instruct Ms. Ventura and the s£x workers to speak to each other, and then would specifically tell Ms. Ventura where to touch the s£x workers. Mr. Combs would say things like, “grab that big Black d**k and ask her “how does it feel?” as he directed her to perform for him. iHarare


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