Curvy Nurse Trends on Twitter for Body Hugging Pictures That Left Men Drooling: “Time for My Yearly Checkup”

Pictures of a gorgeous nurse had men on social willing to visit the hospital just to be taken care of by her.

The drop-dead gorgeous woman was wearing form-fitting purple scrubs which showed off her hourglass figure.  Even though she was in her uniform, her natural beauty was on full display on many people’s timelines.

The tweet posted by @DailyLoud went viral with over 17 million views and thousands of people liked the sizzling pictures.

Netizens across the world shared their two cents about the trending nurse’s body. Some said her body was natural while others tweeted that she got a BBL.

@dkbghana asked:                                      “This is not about her please, but I kinda feel slightly sick immediately. How can I contact her? I need some enquiries about my sickness.”

@barelyyalex mentioned:                             “As she should, she got a badonkey. Wish mine was that big but it’s close.”

@DStandridge92 said:                          “Someone tell me y’all have found her account? Lmao!”

@iamshelbyrushin                                    “This is why people wait in the lobby so long. They doing it for the gram in the back!”

@cerwinliveYT stated:                                  “All her patients have high blood pressure for some reason.”

@DmariHard shared:                                        “I think it’s time for my yearly checkup.”

@inthemo_ment added:                      “Whoever is under her care right now, rest in peace.”

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