Curiosity Is The Only Root To Great Entrepreneurship: Masiyiwa

BUSINESS mogul, Strive Masiyiwa, has said curiosity is the only root to great entrepreneurship.  ‌

He said one must visit places around the country, continent or the world to catch a glimpse of other entrepreneurs’ concepts of how they manage their businesses.

Masiyiwa made the remarks on his Twitter timeline.  “You are not going to be a great entrepreneur if you are not a curious person. Be willing to travel to places within your country, in Africa and anywhere in the world, for the purpose of satisfying your curiosity,” he said.

Masiyiwa shed more light on immigration as a way of being a successful entrepreneur.  He said people are not succeeding in the sense that they don’t understand that they can get opportunities, identify with human needs and wants in the area or country they visit.

“There are people who spend money to come to visit your own country, but you yourself cannot be bothered to go there.

“Then one day they find some wonderful opportunities and all you can do is cry foul when it was already there. You will be amazed at the world that will open in front of you,” he said.

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