Crazy truck driver heads off with traffic cop clinging to front bumper

A crazy truck driver was filmed at the border crossing station in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga with a traffic officer clinging to the front of the moving vehicle.


The bizarre incident was posted on SA Trucker’s Instagram page. According to the trucking publication, an issue between the driver and traffic officer occured when the driver parked in a “no parking” zone.


This led to an argument with the traffic officer. The clip was filmed by another driver waiting at the same area in Komatipoort.


However, it’s unclear whether the crazy truck driver was putting the officer’s life in danger or if he has been asked to move the truck to a different area and the officer is hanging along for a ride.


Watch the clip below and decide for yourself:


Some social media users questioned if the driver was performing a dangerous maneuver or merely acting on the officer’s instruction to move the truck.


Daniel Khumalo said: “It doesn’t look like he was trying to evade the police. It actually looks like he is under instruction from the officer to move.”


Sibongumsa said: “Traffic cop is not panicking…. Meaning he instructed him to move.”


Givy said: “And what is he doing on drivers side whilst the license disk is on left side?”


Khulekani Sibiya said: “Last trailer was on the road making hard for other to pass even a tanker who was about to turn . So he moved a bit forward by instructed to do so to clear his last trailer from blocking the road.”


Vusi McVee said: “SG coal has a good reputation probably the Traffic cop instructed hime to move as they are causing traffic.”


Emanuel Nxumalo said: “This one is already fired ….but am surprised that lately SG Coal allow their drivers to drive while texting…. Their trucks has push me off-road on severally occasions.” The South African


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