‘Crazy’ mother-in-law ruins engagement party with shocking confession

Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and is most likely a huge point of celebration for your friends and family too. As it’s such a momentous occasion, many couples draw out the celebrations, with engagement parties and bridal showers.


However, when one couple had an engagement party to celebrate the fact that they would be spending their whole lives together, it turned into a nightmare after the future mum-in-law’s shocking confession. Rather than being happy that her son was getting married to the love of his life, she admitted she was upset that he would be “leaving her” and that she wouldn’t be “his number one” anymore.


The 23-year-old bride-to-be and her fiancé were having a “great” evening with friends and family at a bar when her future mum-in-law started crying. After the engagement shocking confession, the bride “stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do,” adding that her partner decided not to join their friends and went “straight home”.

‘My boyfriend proposed to me for a laugh – I’ve never been so humiliated’


In a post on Reddit, the woman explained: “When we got home I found out that my future [mother-in-law] said to my siblings that were too young to be getting married. When confronted the next day she said it was a joke and my family took it the wrong way. We tried to move on and went to view a venue.”


The bride-to-be and her groom “fell in love” with a venue and set a date for a “small, intimate mum’s with close friends and family”, but when the mum-in-law found this out, she gave her son “the silent treatment for a few days”. On the forum website, she continued: “My partner was told that she’s very annoyed that we went a booked a venue for 60 people because she can’t enjoy her day with her family…instead making him feel guilty about his own wedding day.


“I don’t want to get involved with his family dynamics but I’m a bit hurt she went behind our backs and said that to my family. My family completely disagree and think we should do what’s best for us.” In the comment section, many agreed that her fiancé needed to set boundaries with his mother, or this would continue to be a problem in the future. One person explained: “Your fiancé needs to set boundaries now, or this is your future whenever the two of you try to plan anything. If he doesn’t want to set boundaries, then YOU need to.”


Another commenter thought that this situation was telling for how her fiancé and his mother would behave in the future, with one person saying: “Pay close attention to how your fiancé handles this situation. If he lets her stomp all over decisions that should only be between the two of you and doesn’t put her in her place, then you are getting a preview of what you’re in for during the entire marriage. Imagine how intrusive she will be if you have children.”

Elsewhere, someone said: “She’s acting like a child because she’s one of those crazies that wants to marry her own son. Nip this bulls**t in the bud right now, because it’ll only get worse if you don’t”. Mirror

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