Couple spend seven years sleeping in different beds

LONDON. – A couple claims sleeping separately has been the key to their happy relationship, and say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Luana Ribeira, 41, and her partner, Alexander Meyer, 38, have slept in separate bedrooms right from the very beginning of their seven-year relationship, and say their arrangement has done wonders for their sleep and overall quality of life.

The loved-up couple, who regularly document their choice to have his and her bedrooms via TikTok, say they don’t understand why other couples don’t give it a go for themselves.

Contrary to the widespread belief that separate beds spell trouble brewing in a relationship, Luana and Alexander have never shared a bed, and much prefer it that way

Speaking with Vitabiotics, mum-of-one Luana revealed:

“We love being in the same house but don’t feel the need to be in each other’s space 24/7. We appreciate each other more and the time we do spend together is real, quality time.”

She continued: “We were never interested in sharing a bedroom. I shared a bedroom with partners in my previous relationships and my sleep was negatively impacted.

“So, as soon as we got together, we never tried to share a bedroom as we both knew we valued our own space and wanted separate bedrooms.”

Keeping separate bedrooms has apparently also been useful when it comes to taking turns caring for their almost two-year-old son, Celyn, allowing both parents to get the rest they need.

Luana explained: “Celyn still wakes up at night and so as it stands if I’m exhausted, I can ask Alex to take him overnight.”

As per The National Sleep Foundation, it’s recommended that adults aim for seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Thanks to their separate sleeping arrangements, Luana is thankfully able to achieve this, and she’s been left with far more energy.

According to Luana: “Sleeping in separate rooms has definitely saved our relationship.

Neither of us are great sleepers and so if one of us doesn’t get a great night’s sleep, we can’t blame the others snoring or shuffling around.”

– The Mirror.

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