Couple Married With 2 Kids Find Out They Are Siblings, Open Up: Video

The husband who spoke on behalf of the family stated that they got married in 2008 and had their first child in 2011.

In 2015, he said that they delivered their second child and have been together for 13 years. However, they’d recently find out that they are related by blood.

Social media reactions

kevinellis211 said:

“This is more common than you think!! I have married friends that recently found out they’re biological brother and sister!”  Ashley Blanks said:

“My adoptive mom told me not to talk to anyone from Mobile, AL because my birth dad has kids all through there..”  Kaleepha888 said:

“That’s why back in the day when our parents and parents and parents they made them take a blood test before they got married. This is why.”

Nupe_5 said:

“I mean at that point what do you do? You’ve already fallen in love, been inti*mate and had children! Nothing left to do.”

marzeitaly said:

“This is why people need to dig deeper into their backgrounds because back in the day parents did all type of stuff and everything was always a secret.”

Marisa G said:

“So at your wedding your parents were not present? no one met each other parents?”

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