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Council Worker Fall Prey To Money Changer, Almost Got Robbed Of RTGS1.2 Million

An  unidentified female money changer was this afternoon caught in action and almost got beaten by city fathers using electricity cable at corner Speke and Second Street in Harare CBD after she almost got away with RTGS1.2 million belonging to a council worker.

Witnesses who narrated the story said the known woman (positioned on the stairs) wanted to rob a female council worker (in white T Shirt) of RTGS1. 2 million after the crook had offered to give her USD1.200 in exchange.

After the transaction, the accused insinuated that she had been robbed of the money by a pirate tax (mushika shika).

Narrating the ordeal, the victim said she had agreed to make a deal with the decent crook without knowing that she was falling into a trap.

The unaware victim offered her bank card to the woman who made a transfer of RTGS2.1 million into her ‘account’ but shifted posts, wanting to trick the lady of her money.

The people around the area said the culprit is a known thief around that area and many have fallen victim in her hands.

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