Congolese Men Scoop Record-Breaking P€nis Size Accolade

Congo has been positioned on the top of the list for having men with the biggest p€nis size.

According to African Fact zone,Congolese men have the biggest p€nis size in the world on average.

An average Congolese men is packing 7.1 inches (17.78 cm) according to a study conducted in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi from 2014-2016.

The audience,  both men and women have been left to unpack the puzzle with interesting replies on social media.


Studies have shown that over all countries, the average size of a p€nis is about 13.58 cm.

According to website, S€xual Alpha, the world’s smallest belongs to an anonymous man and measures 0.39 inches or 0.99 cm.

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