Confessions Of Women Stuck In A Loveless Marriage

Not all are lucky when it comes to marriage. Some even after having a love marriage, fail to have a loving companionship. The loveless marriage syndrome is very common but all have different scenarios and ways of coping with it. So here are some confessions made by women who are stuck in a loveless marriage and mind you, they don’t plan to walk out

I can’t repeat the drill again

I have been married for 5 years now and I had grown out of love with my husband within the same year we got married. His irresponsible, unromantic and mentally abusive behaviour had me regretting the marriage in the beginning itself. I had the option of walking out because my family is very supportive, but I was too exhausted to move out. We even got a puppy to see how things may change for us because I was not going to have a child until I was very sure. It slowly became a record stuck in a loop and now I have become too comfortable in this loveless marriage.

It is loveless & səxless

I have kind of become asexual in this loveless marriage and it is my job that makes me happy. My husband turned out to be in a relationship with another woman and he was with her a year before we got married. He also had a daughter with her. I belong to a family where divorce is unacceptable. So, we continued living together, sharing the same bed but leading a different life altogether. We told everyone that we do not want kids and we went on. All my theories about love died a silent death and that led to me becoming more dedicated to my job. There was no səx and slowly I became asexual. It all became sad but my travelling job helped me in retaining that shine in my eyes.

We both had love for the same səx

My husband and I had an arrangement. He is gay and I am a lesbian. We both have been covering for each other in front of the family. We do not love each other but we have become the best of friends. Leading different lives has been cool for us. We laugh when the family gets weird about the kids and future with us. His partner knows and so does mine and we always coordinate so that neither of us ever gets in trouble with our respective parents. So it is loveless but I am married to my soulmate, my confidant.

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