Commotion As Customers Complain Surrey’s Pie Prices Now At Par With Full Chicken

Zim food lovers have expressed concern over Surrey’s miscommunication following the surprise raise in the price of its famous pies from US$2.50 to as high as US$3.50.

According to a statement seen by Afrogazette, the majority were unaware of this price hike.

The customers have taken to social media to vent their frustration on the rise in prizes with most finding out the moment they went there to treat themselves.

The following are comments from Twitter users, names withheld for publication reasons.

“That the price of a kg of beef in some places. At this point, they can eat their humble pie.”

“I was one of those caught up in the rush and habit to always buy it but I told myself after paying cool 20 dollars for 6 and I told myself this was my last time.”

Just that you could not even ask price because of presure yaiwepo only to see it ndaakubhadhara…it’s not worthy it.

“Tried it for the 1st time on Tuesday and wasn’t impressed at all.”

“They recently refurbished their generators, they run 12-18 hours a day. They’ve had to streamline their merchandise, they’ve removed shelves and now only stock basics. It’s a reflection of the overall economy.”

“Pakaipa. Down the road paMutangadura one can have a full meal for that amount.”

“3,50 Unotogocha ka.”

“We love the Surrey pie, used to get us a pie a day each before they increased prices.”

“The maths of buying a full chicken for $5 and Surrey pie $3,50 is not adding up.”

“Not in Zimbabwe.I was of the impression that they charge $5; they are actually cheaper than Oriental in Bulawayo.”

“The zimra tax hikes have seen a lot of commodities go up. A pie needs a number of raw materials from different suppliers with different price hikes, flour, Yeast, Steak, Vegetables,Spices,Salt,Zesa,To mention a few.

“A reasonable price i guess. Got a pie from OK mart for 3029 rtgsIt looks like the price determination was done using Economics Principles rather than Accounting ones. Market forces of supply and demand came into play.”

“I didn’t enjoy my pies the last two times I’ve been there too.”

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