Civil servants in salary talks today

The Government is reviewing upwards civil servants forex and local currency salary components as it is tabling its new offer today, as it remains resolute in improving the welfare of its workers.

Apart from the salary, Government is already offering its workers various allowances in forex with the lowest paid pocketing about US$250 monthly.

The National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC), the umbrella forum for discussions on pay and conditions of service within public service, is set to meet the Government today to discuss the percentage increase.

In a statement yesterday, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima said workers remains the Government’s top priority.

“Following my announcement on 25 June 2023 that Government will effect a new remuneration package that includes an increment in the United States dollar component for civil servants to cushion them from the rising cost of living.

“I am pleased to announce that Government and worker representatives will convene the National Joint Negotiating Council meeting on 07 July 2023 to discuss conditions of service for civil servants,” he said

Prof Mavima added: “Government remains committed to improving the welfare of its employees and will continue to engage workers’ representatives in a bid to improve conditions of service for civil servants.”

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Union spokesperson, Mr David Dzatsunga recently said they have a long-standing position of US$840 for the lowest paid civil servant and hopes that the employer will continue to work towards this ideal.

“We expect that the Government will make the US component the salary and increase it to somewhere close to our demand,” he said.

The Government has been reviewing civil servants salaries constantly in order to cushion them from price hikes as it remains resolute in supporting and improving their welfare.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Union chairperson Mrs Cecilia Alexander also said on local currency increment they are expecting an offer with mechanisation to adjust with inflation.

Mrs Alexander said the situation has been complicated as each time they negotiate salaries there is sabotage of some sought to erode its value.


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