Church Congregates Abondon Venue After Couple Found Having S.e.x On Altar

Christians have vowed never to pray from Bugonya Church of Uganda after a couple was caught red-handed having s.e.x near the pulpit on the altar.

Leaders of the church in Kayunga District’s Kayonza Sub County now say they have entered an unspecified number of days of fasting and prayer following what they described as “a shocking sinful act.”

On Wednesday, locals told Monitor that they will avoid the church until its leaders organize a special function to cleanse it of the “satanic act that happened in God’s house on Tuesday at around 8pm.”

While the lovebirds are not church members, Bugonya LC1 chairman George William Kanda explained that a 23-year-old male Catholic resident of his village sneaked into the church with a female Muslim through a window.

“They accessed the church through the windows since the doors were shut down,” Kanda said.

The man is married with two children while the woman is said to be staying with her mother in Bugonya Village after divorcing her ex-husband with whom they were staying in Kitimbwa Town Council, according to local authorities.

“When the official wife red handedly caught them naked, she raised alarm that drew residents to the scene. The two were arrested amid condemnation from residents. A head gear belonging to the woman and a T shirt for the man are being kept at the LCs residence as exhibits,” Kanda said noting that “the owner of the T-shirt is well known to him.”

Kanda said the couple was dragged to his office half-naked and he has since entered a case of promiscuity against the suspects.

However, he set the pair free saying that “the LC court will convene soon to heat the case.”

Kanda notes that by Thursday morning, the man had fled from his home and his whereabouts were unknown.

“A case does not rot. He will answer for his sin anytime he comes back,” he added.

The Kayunga District Officer in-charge of the Criminal Investigations Department Beatrice Ajwang said she heard about the incident but the matter had not been reported to police.

Bugonya Church of Uganda lay leader Aaron Komugisha told this publication that they are organizing a ceremony during which the clergy from the district will gather to pray for the church before it resumes operations.

“A number of clergy have since visited the church and they are shocked,” he said.

“The couple should repent and seek God’s forgiveness,” one church member who was at the scene noted.

Bugonya village is located about 35 kilometers from Kayunga Town.



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