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Chitungwiza Woman Aborts Twins, Bury Remains In Her Backyard

A 24 year old Chi-town woman has been slapped with a 3 month suspended sentence for aborting twin fetuses.

It is alleged that the woman buried the remains in the backyard of her residence.

The convict, identified as Tanyaradzwa Dondo was found guilty of the crime of concealing the birth of the children, by secret burial.

After admission to the crime, the sentence was given on condition that she does not commit a similar crime within the next half decade.

According to an eyewitness, Tendai Chirohuona who lives in the same house with her, Dondo told him she was bleeding.

Chirohuona noticed that Dondo’s belly was abnormal for someone currently pregnancy but denied having a miscarriage.

Chirohuona’s maid, Linet Mazonde, spilled the beans after claiming she had seen Dondo digging a hole behind the house.

In her defence, the convict said she wanted to dispose of her used pads.

After digging up the hole, Chirohuona and discovered a black plastic bag with two dead babies.

That led to the arrest of Dondo.

Dondo was medically examined, post-moterm conducted.

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