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Ch€ating Man Beats Wife After Confrontation

Ruwa residents have called for the police and social welfare groups to intervene in a domestic violence case where a man reportedly bashed his wife who confronted him for ch€ating.

Residents claimed the man ruthlessly bashed his wife in the presence of their children on Sunday after she bust him with a girlfriend.

“We are not happy with the man and call on the police and social welfare groups to investigate the man for the benefit of their children.

“He broke windows and property, and his wife suffered serious injuries and our greatest fear is that one day he will k!ll his wife and children,” said one resident.

Another resident said the man was very violent and is suspected of having been involved in a murd€r but was never arrested.

“Many people have complained about him and we don’t know why the police let him go after committing different awful things,” said the woman.

-H Metro-

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