Chatunga Castigates Stunner For Comparing Himself To Chamisa

Rapper Stunner has been blasted by the late Former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga for comparing himself with Chamisa who declared his candidacy for the 2023 presidential nomination.

A heated debate caused by social media fanatics saying Chamisa and Stunner  are contemporaries but however behave differently has caused the uproar.

“Stunner and Chamisa vakanyora form 4 gore rimwe chete. Stunner bvaaramba ari form4,” said Twitter user @briabdeporis.

In a video recording on his Instagram story, 42 year old Stunner came out of the closet and responded;

“Chokwadi chandoda kukuudzai ka ndechekuti munorwadziwa neni,

…Wakaona vanhu vakaku compare na president webato renyika, munhu akuda kutonga nyika akuda kuziikanwa mu world vanhu vakuku compare naye woziva kuti ukupisa. Ndopisa inini.

…Plus pane zvandoita kuma records, ndine ma awards asingapere i have achieved what l wanted to achieve and munhu apa wamukundi compare naye haasati a achiever,”

Responding to the video, Grace Mugabe’s second son had this to say;

“Stunner is a fool how can he say ‘Chamisa hasn’t  achieved anything politically’ someone  who was a Cabinet Minister for 4 years and was also a member  of Parliament  for more than 10 years and is currently  leading  one of the biggest  political party in SADC.”

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