Chamisa An Online Noisemaker, Fails To Voter Mobilize Harare: Jonathan Moyo

Zimbabwe’s former Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development Professor Jonathan Moyo said the voter registration figures expose Chamisa as a leader who is only active and talkative online but fails to deliver and mobilize the mass on the ground.

He was speaking with reference to voter registration figures, Harare sitting at 588 673.

Taking to his twitter account, he had this to say:

“Even to the most obdurate opposition supporters, these voter registration figures tell a story of an incompetent & failed opposition with no structural capacity to register new voters, despite being active & vocal on #Twitter.Politics is praxis. For 2023, the horses have bolted!

…You get a leader of a new structureless political formation that claims to be the government in waiting, who lives in Harare & is happy to tweet daily feel-good Godly & motivational messages to his followers, but is unable to voter-mobilise in Harare.

…Now the horses have bolted!  Even if you think you can perform miracles, you just cannot do in six months what you have not been able to do in four and a half years!”

The voter registration figures are as follows:

1) Harare.  588 673

2) Mash West.   356 086

3) Masvingo.    332 175

4) Midlands.     323 546

5) Manicaland. 320 918

6) Mash East    253 489

7) Mash Central. 229 297

8) Bulawayo 198 846

9) Mat South.  175 567

10) Mat North  155 057


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