Celebrity record breaker chef, Hilda Baci’s management addresses claims of her being a virgin at 28

Hilda Baci’s management has moved out to address a widely distributed and disputed interview in which she purportedly addressed the subject of her virginity.

Since last Friday, social media reports have circulated that Baci given an interview explaining her “commitment to remain a virgin, despite being in a five-year relationship.”

According to the sources, Baci stated, “I might not be single, but I’ve been dating someone, and we agreed on no s£x before marriage. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now, but no s£x; I’m still a virgin”.

On the virtual streets of X (previously known as Twitter), users raced to their profiles to share their reactions to the alleged interview, with many expressing shock.

However, in a recent interview with TheCable Lifestyle, Baci’s management categorically denied the supposed and highly publicized interview, claiming that she never granted such an interview.

Hilda Bassey, the culinary phenomenon, shot into prominence in May by brilliantly surpassing the Guinness record for the longest cooking marathon.

Her incredible feat required an incredible 93 hours and 11 minutes of nonstop culinary expertise, ultimately earning her the coveted accreditation as the reigning record holder in June.

The Celebrity Chef recently turned a new age, and she threw a huge birthday for herself on Friday night, September 22. -GIST-


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