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CCTV Exposes Security Guard

CCTV footage helped expose a security guard based in Bulawayo who allegedly broke into the DHL main offices he was guarding and stole US$1 815 and ZAR2 400.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, yesterday said the accused, Malvin Chimange (26) from Entumbane suburb was employed as a security guard at the same DHL offices.

“Police confirm the arr£st of an accused person Malvin Chimange, a male adult aged 26 of Entumbane, Bulawayo. He is employed as a security guard at DHL main offices,” said Insp Ncube in a statement.

“During the period 3 July 2023 up to 15 August 2023 the accused person was breaking into the offices using unknown means.

“While inside, he was targeting cash from different offices. Firstly, he stole US$315 from the first office, the money was inside a drawer. He went on to the next office and took US$600.”

On another date, he said the accused person used the same style of breaking in and stole US$900 and ZAR2 400 from another office. The CCTV footage came to the rescue of the company, which led to the arrest of Chimange.

“On the 11th of August 2023 the CCTV footage was viewed and it showed the accused person stealing the money leading to his arrest,” said Insp Ncube.

“Total value stolen is US$1 815 and ZAR2 400 and US$1 460 and ZAR 2 400 was recovered.”

The police have since urged companies to keep an extra eye on inside job crimes.

“As police we urge companies to guard against inside job crimes, clearly these crimes were committed by someone who was supposed to guard the premises,” said Insp Ncube.


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