CCC MP Ostallos Faces Criticism After S£xist Comments Against New ICT Minister Mavetera

An MP and one of the top leaders of CCC, Gift Ostallos, has come under heavy criticism after suggesting a newly appointed minister rose to her position through s£xual means.

Following the announcement of the Zimbabwe’s new cabinet in which former actress Tendai Mavetera was appointed ICT Minister, CCC MP Fadzayi Mahere asked on Twitter:

Can you please publicise Mavetera’s CV. We want to see something?

Her colleague, also an MP, Ostallos responded with a picture of the naked legs and thighs of a woman.

Ostallos was heavily criticised for this.

Said political activist and Public Speaker, Namatai Kwekweza:

I strongly disagree with @TateMavetera

politics however this is just wrong.

When women are promoted and elevated to positions of power, there is an over insistence on them having to show their credentials and the same demand and insistence for credentials is never done for men. I would hope we want to see something on the CVS of all the men appointed.

Far much more disappointing and enraging is the s£xualization and success shaming. Tatenda though a ZANU PF member is an active person who works hard and interacts with the women’s movement where she is visible, and well spoken. Let’s agree to disagree on our politics without using misogyny to devalue women in leadership.

The same way it’s wrong when it’s done to the brilliant women in CCC is the same way it is wrong when it is done to women in ZANU PF.

Respect women no matter which party you belong.

Prominent businesswoman Nomaliso Musasiwa said:

This is beneath both Mahere and @Cde_Ostallos. It’s weak cdes!

Not so long ago, MDCA was calling Fadzayi names, nhasi she sounds exactly like those people that called her names to another woman!😢

We are going nowhere slowly!

Let’s Connect Zim founder,Samkeliso Tshuma also commented:

No to sexist takes. No to misogyny.

Ostallos himself later apologies and deleted the offensive tweet:

I apologize and withdraw my inappropriate comment. The focus shall remain holding the Executive to account in line with the Constitution, best practice & sound governance. Asbonge 🙏🏽





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