Candy Crush: Grandpa Who Has Been Playing Game for 6 Years Reaches Over 12,000 Levels, Granddaughter Rejoices

A lady, @travelcard, has made a video to show people the Candy Crush game her grandfather has been playing for six years.

In the clip, she revealed that after getting to level 12,858, the man has to always wait every week for them to release new levels.

She stated that she really needs to know if the man is a top player in the game worldwide.

The granddaughter added that the game company only releases three levels weekly.Many people who reacted to the video shared their Candy Crush experiences.

People who had not gone really far in the game said they thought Candy Crush had an end.  Watch the video below:  As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 19,000 comments with more than 3 million likes.

Some of the reactions below:

Kayra said:

“And i thought candy crush had an ending… childhood ruined.”

Roxannaodom said:

“How come moms and old people are so good at that.”

chillFLix said:

“Fr the only time I see my mother genuinely happy is when she’s playing candy crush.”

bug said:

“One time my mum forgot to pick me up from school cuz of this game.”

z00mie said:

“I’m on level 2,560 and I thought THAT was impressive.”

Sa3 H33 said:

“I thought my 657 was a high number…”

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