Cab Driver Complains About Buying His Baby Nappies, Man Rates 1 Star, SA Claps

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities that few can handle.

One dad had to sit listening to a cab driver telling him how he bought one pack of nappies in January and was upset that his baby mama was asking for more.Not many men are equipped to be a father due to patriarchal cultural norms.

Most men don’t even know how to change a nappy it’s let alone how many a baby uses, don’t which is sad.

Twitter user @Bonisile_RMS shared a story where he got into a cab and the driver started complaining about the mother of his child. Claiming he bought a pack of nappies in January, the man was annoyed that it was already finished and that the woman was asking for more.

Being a father himself, our guy tried to give the man advice but he was having none of it. This deadbeat dad nonsense had him giving a one-star rating.

“Gave my Uber Driver one star. He spoke about his baby mama drama and the drama is that he bought nappies Mid Jan for his newborn and now he is fighting with his baby mama because she needs more nappies.

Tried explaining how many nappies a newborn uses but he didn’t understand.”  The people Mzansi are here for this stand against dads don’t care  There are so m,fathers’ers’ out there who think baby mamas are just out to get them when all they are asking for is the bare necessities for their babies.

People clapped for the man in the comments.

Take a look:

@IamKylieWylie said:

“what does he think she did with the nappies though, I mean really now ”

@Vutlhari_M said:

“Mid January??? It’s February now , does he think like that everyday?”

@_Karab0_ said:

“A well deserved one Star … one pack Pampers = one Star ⭐ rating!!! He’s mad mad”

@Lyne_Banks said:

“This is what happens when people have babies when they themselves aren’t matured enough.”

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