“Broke men don’t deserve love and shouldn’t be in relationships” – Nigeria feminists

Continual devotion is now seen as a product with a large price tag, and I doubt any guy (not even the wealthy) at this age would get it unless he pays for it.

Male and female “upbringing” in this region may be to blame for the fact that women are more interested in financial security than in long-term relationships based on romantic love.

We have a duty to teach our children to value love and friendship highly; to be kind and sympathetic; to be daring and bold; and to never put a “price” on these qualities.

Currently, three (3) Nigeria feminists are being roasted on social media for their comments that “broke men don’t deserve love and shouldn’t be in relationships” if we are being fair because they can’t provide” (since financial stability is the primary criterion for determining whether or not a man is suitable for a romantic relationship)

The women candidly discussed their aversion to becoming involved in a relationship with a man who is financially unable to provide for them on the podcast episode “Rants, Bant, and Confessions.”

They claim that they can’t date or marry a financially unstable man because of the criteria they’ve established for themselves.

One element of the film shows the group agreeing that men who are financially secure may marry as many wives as they choose.

Without mincing words, the women put the financially unstable men under the bus, telling them to prioritize financial stability above romantic pursuits if they want to date or marry obedient women.

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