Brides Spark Heated Debate With ‘Classless’ Bedazzled Crocs On Their Wedding Day

It seems like everybody has an opinion on Crocs, especially when it comes to wearing them on your wedding day, as some people have bashed them as ‘classless’ rather than praising them for comfort

Crocs first appeared on the scene back in 2002 but they’ve enjoyed a sartorial renaissance thanks to Noughties fashion making a comeback, with celebrities like Hailey Bieber donning them.

According to Today, they are Amazon’s number one bestselling shoe.  However, some people have argued that the Crocs craze has gone too far with brides plumping for embellished pairs on their big day. They’ve sparked outrage from other people who simply can’t imagine wearing them for such an occasion.

Any Croc lover will know that you can bedazzle your shoes with gems and other accessories to elevate the look, but some people have branded the wedding shoes ‘classless’ and ‘gross’, rather than practical and fun.

In a Facebook post on a ‘Wedding Ideas’ group, the admins asked users: “Wedding crocs? Yes or No?!”  The simple question sparked a heated debate between those who adore Crocs, and those who couldn’t think of anything worse.

“That’s the problem”, one fumed, “people have no class anymore. No one dresses up, it’s all about comfort.”

Another added: “I hate few things in life but Crocs are at the top of my list. And when coordinated with an outfit. Lord help me I physically shudder.”  “That looks crocs. I mean gross”, someone joked. ”

Just being honest. They surely could have worn a flat pretty sandal or shoe. I hope the bride didn’t wear her Crocs. Such a turn-off.”

Another Crocs hater raged: “Defo NO. The only reason crocs have holes in is to let all your self-respect and dignity run out through them!!!!”

Some people argued that comfort is key at a wedding, and it was the personal choice of the bride and bridal party.

One wrote: “I vote yes. Comfortable happy feet mean happy bridesmaids. Hopefully, they can dance in Crocs. Often I see gals dancing barefoot because they can’t stand the pain of their shoes. That makes no sense to me lol. Why hurt yourself to look good to other women who are also hurting their feet knees backs and necks with uncomfortable shoes!”

“Maybe not for the ceremony”, someone reasoned, “but soon afterward get those Crocs on. They may be ugly but they are extremely comfortable. I just discovered them and am loving them. Comfy is the way to go!”

Another said: “It’s your wedding! If you want Crocs have Crocs!”  “Love them! Why the heck not be comfy? I think it’s awesome! Heck, if I could have worn Crocs down the aisle as a bride – I would have!”, a Crocs lover praised.

Crocs haven’t just sparked debates on Facebook groups, however – they’re also causing waves on other social media.

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