Boyfriend Furious After Lover Keeps Wearing His Clothes Without Permission

Whether or not you’re happy to share clothes with your partner is a matter of personal preference. Many people are happy to swap jumpers and the like from time to time, but it’s not for everyone. As with most matters in relationships, the key is finding an agreement everyone is happy with.

Unfortunately, one couple found themselves at odds with each other over borrowed clothes. As one of the pair ranted in a post to Reddit: “Recently my girlfriend has taken to wearing my boxers and underwear. Not shirts or shorts, stuff like that. Just my underwear. She says they’re comfy and likes how they feel.

“I bought her some of the kinds I always get but she won’t wear those ones, she wants mine for whatever reason.” The problem did not stop there, however. Although the woman’s boyfriend initially found her habit ‘cute’, he’s since changed his mind as she sometimes takes three pairs a day, and she’s not stopped despite being asked to. “I’ve asked her to stop, I’ve told her to stop. She won’t stop and thinks I’m getting upset over nothing because, as she states, none of her previous relationships had a problem with her taking their clothes,” he explained.

Keen to keep his clothes for himself, the boyfriend decided to install a lock on his underwear drawer. “It’s just a safety lock but I won’t tell her how to open it and she got frustrated when she couldn’t get it open,” he wrote. But the move did not go down well with his partner, who later told her friend, who in turn claimed that “only an a** would do something like that”. “I get what they’re saying about it being clothes but I think it’s a pretty simple ask to not do it daily because that adds up quickly,” the boyfriend concluded his post, which invited Reddit users to weigh in on the argument.

Unfortunately, not everyone thought there was a clear cut answer as to who was in the right. One person wrote: “She needs to respect your property and boundaries. Shouldn’t have had to ask more than once for her to stop taking your s**t.” But another reasoned: “Your girlfriend should have more respect for your property, but putting a lock on the drawer is patronising. You are both adults. She is not a child stealing candy. This is very much something you can talk out.”

Someone else added: “Have you spoken with her more about why she likes YOUR underwear so much? Especially since you bought her some for herself. Maybe she feels more connected to you by wearing them. Maybe the best solution is to buy more underwear for yourself. Or keep a stash for yourself somewhere to make sure you always have some on hand.”


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