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Boy walks in on grandfather rap!ng his 6-year old sister

A 13-year old boy of Choma District in Southern Province in Zambia got the shock of his life when he strayed in his grandfather’s bedroom only to stumble upon an abominable site of his young sister aged 6 being defiled by the man they both called grandpa.


The 50-year old man of Siamahwa Estates in Popota area has now been arrested on a charge of defilement.


Southern Province Police Commanding Officer, Auxensio Daka says the minor fell victim when the suspect invited her to watch cartoons but in the process he snatched and took her to bedroom.


Daka explained that whilst in the act of defining her, the victim’s elder brother, aged 13-years-old, entered the bedroom and found the suspect on top of the victim, before quickly alerting other family members. Diamond TV

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