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Bizarre robbery as US$10k snatched after housed teargassed by suspects

In a bizarre robbery incident, suspects on Tuesday discharged teargas at a Kadoma home to unsettle victims from whom they snatched US$10,500 cash and cell phones.


Police said Wednesday that they were “investigating a case of armed robbery which occurred on 24 October 2023 at 7.30PM at a house in Mashuma”.


“Three suspects attacked three complainants and threw tear smoke in the house before stealing US$10,500 cash, three cell phones and jewellery,” police said while appealing for information that could help in their investigations to arrest the culprits.


Little was said of what tear smoke was used to gas the victims.


However, recent cases of armed robbery have seen both serving and former police and army officers involved in committing the crimes.


A lot of businesses and families now choose to keep their monies in hard cash at a time conventional banking institutions have become risky and unfavourable due to often knee-jerk government policy changes and high bank charges levied on withdrawals. ZimLive

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