ZAMBIA- A 50 year old man of Chingola’s Mutimpa farming area has woken up to the shock of his life after finding a small coffin covered with a white cloth at his farm.

Copperbelt Province Police Commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba has identified the 50 year old as Misheck Kabwe of unmarked farm number.

Mr Mweemba said the incident occurred between Thursday around 22hrs and Friday around 05hrs.

He said when Mr Kabwe work up around 05hrs in the morning, he discovered a coffin wrapped with a white cloth at his door.

Mr Mweemba said upon discovering the Coffin, he reported the matter to Kasompe Police station.

He said Police Officers visited the scene, opened the Coffin and found one white egg and one breakable plate.

He said the reporter has no idea of who could have dumped the Coffin at his door.

Mr Mweemba adds that the coffin is being kept at Kasompe Police station and an inquiry file has been opened.

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