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Birmingham-Based Zimbabwean Nailed In Child Rap£ Case: ‘He Took Advantage Of Victim’s Innocence For Own S£xual Gratification’

A ‘dangerous’ child rap¡st took advantage of his victim’s age and innocence for his own s£xual gratification, West Midlands Police said Zimbabwean national Khumbulani Sibanda had been ja!led for the rap£ of a youth under the age of 13.

The 43-year-old committed the crimes between 2016 and 2018 – but the abus£ didn’t come to light until January 2021 when his young victim confessed “a secret.”

The child alleged the rap£ happened on several occasions when visiting Sibanda’s home in Coventry. The offender has now been convicted after a trial.

He was jailed for 15 years and was told he must serve at least ten years in pr¡son before being considered for parole, after being classed as a “dangerous offender.” He will spend a further three years on extended licence, or eight if released after ten years in pr¡son He will remain on the S£x Offenders Register for life.

Investigating officer Det Con Suzanne Leah said: “The child was so young, they would not necessarily have understood how badly they were being ab.u.sed. Sibanda completely took advantage of the child’s young age and innocence for his own s£xual gratification, and I am pleased the length of the sentence reflects the severity of his crimes.”

Sibanda, now of Fosse Road South in Leicester, was sentenced at Warwick Crown Court last Thursday, August 24. He was also sentenced to 12 weeks each for s£xual assault and exposure which will run concurrently.

-Birmingham News-

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