Bill Gates’ Daughter Nurses Racist Attacks After Revealing Interracial Relationship

Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe Gates is clapping back at haters who have trolled her for her interracial relationship. In her latest interview with The Information, the 20-year-old seemingly expressed anger over the criticism she faced over her romance. She also slammed the “conspiracy theories” about her family that have floated around since her arrival on social media.

Phoebe Gates confirmed her relationship with Robert Ross in July 2022, when she shared a picture of the two on Instagram. Sources claim that the Stanford student was quickly met with negative comments for being in a relationship with a Black person. Some also accused her beau of dating her for her money and influence.

Clapping back at the haters, the internet influencer stated in an interview that she was “done” with people making fun of her relationship. Phoebe Gates went on to add:

“It’s 2023. I’m done being memed for being in an interracial relationship.”

*Who is Phoebe Gates dating?*

The youngster is dating fellow Stanford student Robert Ross. The latter boasts over 6000 followers on Instagram. His social media feed is filled with memorable pictures of himself spending time with loved ones. Ross’ Instagram bio reads- “Love Intentionally/ Think Different/ Stanford.”

The last time he uploaded on the social media platform at the time of writing this article was on September 15, 2022. He wished Gates for her birthday and wrote in the caption- “Happy birthday my love.” He went on to attach a carousel of images of them together.

Phoebe Gates has also given an occasional glimpse into her relationship on Instagram. She has posted pictures and videos of them together on Instagram and TikTok. On January 2, Gates posted pictures of the pair celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

When the British Vogue intern was asked what was the worst part of her social media popularity, Gates revealed:

“The misconceptions and conspiracy theories about my family and my relationship with my boyfriend.”

She also bluntly stated that she was very aware of the fact that people were following her online due to her family’s status. She said:

“I’m pretty realistic that people start following me because of my family name. And people probably find it funny to see my dad being a goof and playing Boxballen.”

Phoebe Gates boasts over 65k followers on TikTok. Her feed is filled with videos showcasing a day in her life, her favorite beauty products, her workouts and her taking part in various trends. She also discusses political topics including women’s rights and abortion with her mother Melinda Gates. Speaking about her social media posts, Gates said:

“Once they follow me, they stick around, and I think some of that is because of the issues that I post about, like women’s health… People have a lot of preconceptions about me, so TikTok has been a chance for me to tell my own story and also use the attention my family name might bring to spotlight issues that are important to me.”

The up-and-coming entrepreneur also revealed that she is planning to launch her own startup Phia, alongside her roommate Sophia Kianni. The two plan to bring sustainable fashion to the forefront with their upcoming project.

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