Bill Gates Buys R16.4 Billion Stake in Heineken: “Time to Go Back to Traditional Beer Umqombothi

Billionaire Bill Gates has purchased a substantial stake in the Dutch brewery, Heineken. Despite claiming he is “not a big beer drinker”, the Microsoft co-founder bought a R16.4 billion share in the company.

He acquired a 3.76% stake in Heineken’s parent company, Heineken Holding NV, on Friday, 17 February.  Gates also bought 6.65 million shares of the beer company directly. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, a further 4.18 million shares were purchased, BusinessLIVE reported.

The fifth-richest man previously said that he usually drinks light beer just for the “vibe of all the other beer drinkers.” Meanwhile, a study about the health risks of alcohol consumption was published and received funding from the foundation.

It found that stronger interventions are needed to deal with the health risks linked to alcohol, Business Insider South Africa.  Many social media users shared different views about Gates’ decision to purchase shares.

Netizens weigh in on Bill Gates’ Heineken deal

@ngege23 said:

“Time to go back to traditional beer umqombothi.”

@FintechForward commented:

“Impressive move! It’s exciting to see how Bill Gates’ investments help to shape the beer industry.”

@AmyWilliamssa1 posted:

“Now Heineken is NOT safe to enjoy.”

@MattyLad wrote:

“Who cares? I like Bill Gates, but I don’t give a da*mn about whether he’s acquired a minority stake in Heineken, I don’t even drink the stuff for Heaven’s sake. So what?”

@BlackskullFx added:

“Dear Heineken, it’s been fun we have shared the best moments that I can barely remember and that’s what made you the best beer for me but since you’re with the Gates, I’m out… Hello, Black Label.”

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