Bereaved father selects mourners

GRIEF turned to drama at the Railway Block Hospital at the weekend, when a man armed with an axe broke into a mortuary and began swinging the axe wildly at mourners who had come to collect the body of his child for burial.

The man chased the mourners, who included the child’s mother, saying he wanted to bury the child by himself.

After repeated persuasion from relatives and friends, who defied his threats, the man finally gave in.

He chose six people, excluding the mother of the child, who he said “were eligible” to attend the funeral.

At the graveside, the man still armed with the axe, is reported to have shocked the handful of mourners by telling them to go to their homes after the funeral service because “things are expensive these days”.

From the cemetery the man reportedly headed for a beerhall “to drown his sorrows in drink”.

– Ziana.

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