Belgium-based Ghanaian woman rains curses on her ex-boyfriend for cheating and threatening to leak her nud£ videos

Popular Ghanaian TikToker, S£xy Vida who also doubles as a mortician has taken to her TikTok live to demand justice and call out her ex-boyfriend for ch£ating on her and threatening to leak her nud£s.


During her TikTok live session, S€xy Vida accused her ex-boyfriend of four years, Naasei of being ungrateful after taking care of him and his mother. This act of kindness she says was repaid by leaking explicit photos of her.


Explaining her reasons for her outbursts, she stated that Aisha Modi came on a live session stating that S£xy Vida admitted her ex-boyfriend has a low sp£rm count.


“Naasei, I want to ask you one question……You claim I am insulting you which makes me surprised. Let me explain. Aisha Modi came to my live session saying that someone called her and told her I said Naasei has a low sperm count but I do not remember saying such so I decided to mind my business…..This same Aisha Modi went live on her account insulting me and you but you couldn’t go warn them to mind their business….all you did was send me a photo of my vagina and threaten me.”


S£xy Vida also added that the photo was secretly taken of her when they were still together because she does not recount ever sending it.


“…Naasei the photo you sent was taken after having s£x with me, and I was lying down sideways. How were you able to take the photo I never it to you.


Although the TikTok star cum mortician recounts sending other explicit photos to her ex, she does not understand why he still has them in possession although they are no longer together.


She also rained curses and insults on her ex-partner. Her outburst contained explicit which cannot be shared on this platform but can be found on her S€xy Vida pages on TikTok and Instagram.


It will be recounted that in October 2023, S£xy Vida went viral for disclosing that she earns a monthly income of close to GH¢43,000 Ghana Cedis by dressing deceased bodies in Belgium. GhanaWeb

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